Can you believe it’s almost back to school time! 

I know that you are incredibly busy and don’t have the time of inclination to create your own back to school planner. So it makes sense to buy one that is ready to go, doesn’t it? (after all time is money) To make it quicker and easier for you I have put together a handy academic planner.

How about using a academic planner that has lots of easy to use templates?

Plus a 2 Page Week at a Glance section, that will really help you stay or track with planning.

You can use our new Academic Planner pack and edit & brand it as your own.  It’s the easiest way to have a professional planner that you can sell or give to your customers. And the best part is no-one will know you didn’t create it yourself!


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What Is Included in the Academic Planner?

This uniquely designed planner comes with :

✔  8.5 x 11″ pages

✔  10 different templates pages

PowerPoint source files

(Want to use it in Google Slides? Check out our blog post here: )

 Template pages include :

✔ Weekly planner (over 2-page spread)

✔ Yearly Goals

✔ Contacts page

✔ Password Tracker

✔ Notes page

✔ Important Dates at a glance (3 months per page)

✔ Undated 12-month calendars (2 months per page)

✔ 10-period grade tracker

✔ 10-period class assignment tracker

✔ 1 x 2019 dated calendar (one page at a glance)

✔ 1 x 2020 dated calendar (one page at a glance)

How to Use This Planner :

 ✔ Rebrand the planner as your own

✔ Add graphics or different colours to customise/ niche the planner further

✔ Save the planners as PDFs and sell on your own website or Etsy store

✔ Sell printed copies to your friends and local books store

✔ Publish the books on sites such as Amazon (via KDP) or Lulu.

✔ Give them away as a lead generator on your website 

✔ Use it solely for your own use and print off the sheets as many times as you like

✔ Use the separate page templates to create a whole new book

✔ Create a sample of the planner and give it away as a free gift



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Frequently Asked Questions

Am I signing up to a subscription?

No, this is a one-off payment. You will be required to create an account at the time of purchase. This allows you to access all your files at any time and all in one place.  

What can I do with this product (License Rights)?

I'm glad you checked! Better to be safe than sorry. This content comes with a Commercial License which means: that may edit and brand this as your own.

YES - Edit and brand as your own.

YES - You can resell or give away the completed versions as PDF ONLY

NO - Sell this whole product as PLR or MRR (i.e. including the source files)

NO - Images included can only be used with THIS product and not sold nor used on another. 



How do I access my products?

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What is your refund policy?

As this is a digital downloadable product there are NO REFUNDS. The details of the product/ package are clearly outlined on the sales page. 

When is content delivered?

As soon as payment has been cleared your product will appear in your member's area here:

In what format is the content delivered?

You will get the content delivered electronically as a Zip file. This will contain the sources files in PowerPoint, Word etc so you can edit them as you wish -  plus a PDF copy.  Images are delivered as JPGs and PNGs.

How do I get support?

The easiest way is from inside your member's area ( and click on the Help Desk button. Alternatively, you can email us on  We aim to get back to you within 8 hours on a business working day, this may be longer on a weekend or public holiday.

Do I need to change the interiors in any way?

No, you don't HAVE to as they are designed to be ready to use,  but It is always recommended that you make some small changes, so your interiors are slightly different to others.