I create my source files in PowerPoint however you may want them in a different format i.e. Google Slides, if you do not own PowerPoint.  Using this method you can still use the products that I have created for you!

Upload PowerPoint into Google Drive

1. Login to Google Drive

2. Create a folder in which to upload your PowerPoint slide to and name it (optional though I think it’s good to be organised!)


3. Open up the new folder (I called mine ‘Planner’). Click the ‘New’ button (and choose uploaded files) or drag and drop the file onto the grey bit.

4.  When you have successfully uploaded the file you will see the file and also this notification



5. Now all you need to do is double click on the PowerPoint file. You will see a preview of the PowerPoint presentation. Click on Open With Google Slides at the top of the screen.


6. Google will now convert the files from PowerPoint and create a new Google Slides file. You can now edit this file like any other in this format.

TADA –  you now have converted Powerpoint to Google Slides!